Best Hotel In Hollywood FL For Digital Nomads

In 2020, the number of Americans who described themselves as digital nomads reached 10.9 million. Almost 3 million more than in the previous year.¹ It’s true that the way we work is evolving, and this new way of life means professionals can work from almost anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a strong and reliable WiFi connection. There are even articles about hot to become a Digital Nomad. This means having the unique opportunity to travel and work simultaneously. But, there is nothing worse than needing to get some work done after exploring a new destination but struggling to focus due to a noisy and small hotel room. So, if you’re searching for a hotel in Hollywood, FL as a digital nomad here’s the best choice for you!

Why The Top Hotels In Hollywood FL Don’t Work for Digital Nomads

While Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort and Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino might be appealing at first, if you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, remote worker, or business traveler, you need to bear in mind the risk of staying in a luxury hotel room.

Of course, luxury hotels in Hollywood, FL, offer wonderful services and plenty of entertainment, but a popular hotel resort will typically attract lots of excited tourists and families. So, brace yourself for the possibility of children laughing and screaming around the pool and late-night noise as couples make their way back to their rooms after a night of cocktails and dancing. Although this might not bother some digital nomads, for those who really need peace and quiet to fully concentrate or carry our important client meetings after enjoying the beach, it can be extremely frustrating!

Another factor to consider when booking a hotel in Hollywood FL as a digital nomad is workspace. Will the hotel room have a desk, chair, coffee machine, kitchen area, and space to work and relax? Even though the idea of working from your luxury hotel bed is often a life goal, it’s actually very uncomfortable and can quickly lead to lower back pain.

Digital Nomads

Luxury Apartment in Hollywood FL

The good news is, digital nomads and working professionals don’t need to take the risk when visiting Hollywood, FL. There are a number of elegant apartments in Hollywood, FL, positioned in prime locations, right next to the top hotel resorts. Each unit offers a spacious, clean, and modern environment, with high ceilings and plenty of room to work, relax and feel at home.

Cielo Stays offers digital nomads a collection of studios and luxury apartments in Hollywood, FL, which are far bigger than a standard hotel room. Some apartment complexes even have their very own rooftop pool and hot tub, where guests can relax, enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean after spending a couple of hours crunching numbers, in virtual meetings, or on the phone to clients.

Wake up in a generous sized-bed, and have coffee on your own private balcony. Make avocado toast in your kitchen, and do an hour of work before heading out to explore Hollywood Broadwalk. Our apartments in Hollywood FL are furnished with the best Italian furniture yet are more affordable than the majority of top hotels and beach resorts.

So, make a smart decision when visiting this beautiful part of the country and prioritize peace and quiet, space, comfort, and your budget with Cielo Stays luxury apartments in Hollywood, FL.