Get Your Airbnb License Hollywood Florida or Get 1 Huge Fine.

Do you own a property in Hollywood Florida and you want to start renting on Airbnb?  Read below to understand the shortterm rental regulations

Before you go to Airbnb, take pictures and publish your property, you need to get your Airbnb License Hollywood Florida.

Hollywood is very concerned about vacation rentals, especially in residential areas, due to past issues with wild parties at Airbnb properties.

The city is making efforts to enhance the quality of life for both residents and tourists by implementing short term rental regulations. They are focusing on creating a safe environment for vacations in our beautiful city and beaches. This initiative aims to attract more visitors and ensure that everyone can enjoy their time here. The goal is to make the city a desirable destination for both locals and tourists alike with the Hollywood Short term rentals.

Get Your Airbnb License Hollywood Florida or Get One Huge Fine.

Who Needs A Airbnb License Hollywood Florida from the City of Hollywood?

Any property owner advertising a property single-family or condo unit for rent for periods of less than thirty (30) days or one (1) calendar month.

The city imposes heavy fines for properties operating without a license.

What Else Is Needed to get your Airbnb License Hollywood Florida?

From the city, you will also need a Local Business Tax Receipt.

Multiple city, state and county agencies regulate the Vacation and Short Term Rental markets. Below you will see the short term rental regulations for Hollywood FL

For the State of Florida you need to get a Vacation Rental License from the DPBR.

If you plan to offer your property on other sites like Booking or VRBO, it is important to ensure that you are in compliance with all necessary tax requirements.

This includes registering for a Sales and Use tax receipt, as well as obtaining a Tourist Development Tax and a County Tax Receipt for Broward County.

The Sales and Use tax receipt is necessary for collecting and remitting taxes on the rental income from your property. This tax is typically charged on the rental amount and must be reported and paid to the appropriate tax authorities.

The Tourist Development Tax is a tax that is imposed on rentals of accommodations for six months or less. This tax is used to support tourism-related activities and infrastructure in Broward County.

It is important to collect and remit this tax in accordance with the county’s regulations. Additionally, obtaining a County Tax Receipt is necessary for operating a rental property in Broward County.

Common Misconception on Sales & Use and Tourism Development Tax

Several real estate agents catering to short-term snowbird tenants for 2-3 month stays often neglect to collect and remit Sales & Use and Tourism Development Taxes.

It’s crucial for property owners entrusting their management to less experienced agents to ensure that these agents are diligently handling tax obligations.

Failure to collect and pay these taxes can potentially leave property owners liable for the outstanding amounts. Protecting yourself as an owner means staying informed and making sure your agent is on top of tax responsibilities.

See below references to the appropiate sources in the State of Florida and the Broward County.

Broward Tourism Development Tax

What is Taxable?
Florida’s 6% state sales tax, plus any applicable discretionary sales surtax, applies to rental charges or
room rates paid for the right to use or occupy living quarters or sleeping or housekeeping
accommodations for rental periods six months or less, often called “transient rental accommodations”
or “transient rentals.”

Florida Department of Revenue

Who Can Do The Airbnb License Hollywood Florida For Me?

Cielo Stays, the vacation rental division of Urban Select Realty Inc is a full service Airbnb property management company based in Dania Beach, FL.

In Hollywood, Florida, we are in charge of the management of more than 50 properties, each with its own set of licenses required for operation.

Our comprehensive services include handling the entire licensing process at no cost to our property owners.

We only pass on the fees directly payable to the city, ensuring a transparent and cost-effective approach to licensing compliance with your Airbnb License Hollywood Florida

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NOTE: We are not attorneys or accountants, you should always seek professional advise for tax or legal matters.