If you are planning to visit Florida, you have probably thought about Miami and Fort Lauderdale; however, do not forget about Hollywood Florida. South Florida is known for its beautiful weather, delicious food, and multicultural opportunities. You can check out the beachfront, go for a stroll on the boardwalk, and take advantage of everything the City of Hollywood has to offer. As you plan your kayak, swimming, and fishing journeys near the oceanfront, what are a few opportunities you should not overlook during your Florida visit? As always, book with Cielo Stays.

1. The ArtsPark at Young Circle – Hollywood Florida

Art at Hollywood Florida
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If you are looking for something that has fun opportunities all day and all night, then be sure to swing by the ArtsPark at Young Circle. This location is known for its dance shows, movie nights, concerts, and art festivals. One of the reasons why it is so high on the list is that everything is free!

The arena is named after Joseph Young, the founder of Hollywood Florida. There is a splash pad, a playground, plenty of walking pads, and a giant amphitheater. Therefore, there is something for everyone at the circle. In addition, you may want to check out the visual arts Pavilion. You may want to take a class on martial arts. You might want to watch some show off their glass blowing skills. The best part is that you can see a bit of everything if you come and visit the circle. If you like local food, be sure to swing by on Monday so you can take advantage of all the local food trucks as well! Some of them might even offer a discount on their delicious food.

2. The Anne Kolb Nature Center

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Without a doubt, one of the most popular attractions in Hollywood Florida is the Anne Kolb Nature Center. It is more than 1,500 acres in size, and it contains a wide variety of protected plants and animals. During your visit, you may want to bring a camera so you can take a few pictures. Many of the plants and animals living at the Nature Center are either endangered or threatened.

If you really want to snap a few pictures of some amazing animals, you need to be as quiet as possible during your visit. There are four separate trails to explore, including the Lake Trail, the Fishing Pier Trail, the Mud Flat Trail, and the South Trail.

If you want to relax while exploring the Nature Center, you can also rent a boat. There are trails for each individual boat, and you can even sign up for a guided tour. Consider spending the day at the Nature Center to see a different side of South Florida.

3. Hollywood Beach

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Of course, one of the top attractions is the beach itself. A lot of people love to visit Hollywood Florida because of its gorgeous beaches. It is known for its soft sand, its blue water, and its gorgeous palm trees. Even if all you do is lay on the beach and relax, you will still be in for a great trip during your next getaway. Of course, you should make sure you wear sunscreen so you don’t get burnt!

Now, you may be thinking about Hollywood, California; however, this Florida beach is nothing like the more famous Hollywood on the West Coast. You can take advantage of numerous cafes, shops, and restaurants as you stroll along the boardwalk. Hollywood Beach is located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, so you can access either city relatively easily; however, it is much quieter than either of these two bustling cities.

4. The Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

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Because the name is so hard to say, most people refer to it as TY Park. This is a park for people of all ages. If you are looking to get a bit of exercise, you may want to play some racquetball. Or, you can relax and go fishing. Because there is so much to do, it is difficult to get bored while visiting the park.

When translated, the name means “to meet and greet.” You can take advantage of walking trails, bike pads, and camping opportunities. You may also want to check out the small water park in the area, called Castaway. If you bring your tennis rackets, you can even play a match! This park also has fitness facilities, a picnic area, and volleyball courts. If you would rather be on the water, you can check out the marina as well!

5. The Yellow Green Farmers Market

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When you are in the mood for some local food, be sure to swing by the Yellow Green Farmers Market. You can take a look at the endless variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that are just begging to be eaten. If you keep your eyes and nose peeled, you might even detect some fresh bread! Many of the people who work at the farmers market decorate their stalls with some amazing flowers, which you can also purchase!

This is the largest farmers market in South Florida. It is usually open on the weekend, and it features hundreds of boots. You can even purchase a fresh drink as you take a look at the fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, do not hesitate to bring your dog as well! You might even want to purchase your furry friend a delicious treat.

6. The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

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Of course, if Hollywood Beach is a beautiful attraction, then it only makes sense that Hollywood Beach Boardwalk should be a nice attraction as well in Hollywood Florida. This boardwalk is approximately two to three miles long. It is known for its shops, restaurants, and scenery. Be sure to take in a lot of the palm trees that you will see lining the boardwalk area. All of it is paved, so you can walk, bike, or skateboard easily. You may even want to take a few minutes to sit on one of the benches to take a look at the runners, strollers, scooters, and rollerbladers that pass by.

When you get tired of watching people, you may want to cool off by grabbing a drink or scoop of ice cream at one of the shops nearby. If you happen to get a flat tire while biking, have no fear! There is someone on the boardwalk who can fix it for you relatively easily. Do not pass up the opportunity to check out this beautiful boardwalk during your trip.

7. The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

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Even though people already love Hollywood Florida because of its beachfront and blue skies, you may want to check out the unique scenery of the downtown Hollywood mural project as well. Some of the most talented artists in the region have placed their personal touches on this beautiful mural. It features a lot of charm, and it is one of the perfect locations for photo opportunities.

If you take a look at the mural closely, you will see just about everything. You will probably spot some flamingos, a few giant robots, and even a few whales. You want to take multiple pictures, so make sure you have plenty of storage space on your computer! The goal of the mural is to enhance the fabric of the community, and it certainly does exactly that. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out the mural.

8. Holland Park

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If you are looking for something a bit quieter, then you may want to check out Holland Park. This park is situated at the end of a quiet neighborhood, so it is not nearly as crowded as some of the other locations. Even though it might not quite have the variety of some of the other parks on this list, this is still an opportunity to relax. You may want to check out the wooden boardwalk, or you may want to go for a run on one of the winding trails. This is also a great opportunity for you to break out your boat, as you can explore the shores along the Intracoastal Waterway. Because there are multiple locations to launch your boat in the park, this is a great opportunity to go canoeing or kayaking.

9. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel

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Now, Hollywood Florida is far from the only location in the country to have a Hard Rock Hotel; however, this one is truly something special. After you check in, you may not want to leave! This hotel is a resort that has just about everything you need to relax. Regardless of whether you are traveling with your children or your significant other, you will want to take advantage of everything this hotel has to offer. You might want to play a round of golf on one of the golf courses. You may want to check out the spa. You might want to sign up for a massage.

You can do just about everything at this hotel! There are plenty of pools, waterfalls, and even opportunities to take out a paddleboat or SUP! There are even multiple jacuzzis and waterslides you can enjoy. For all of these reasons, this is one of the top hotels in the local area.

10. Charnow Park

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If you are looking for a place that will keep the kids happy, then be sure to check out Charnow Park. This is a fun park located just a few steps from the beach. Therefore, when the kids get tired of the sand, you can simply move them to this park! The park was built in 1930, but it has expanded significantly since that time. It now features a pickleball complex, plenty of sprinklers, lots of shade, and picnic tables. When you are ready to get a bite to eat, you may want to take a short walk to Florio’s Restaurant, one of the top Italian restaurants in the city.

11. Anniversary Park

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If you are looking for a quiet location that is away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city, then you may want to check out Anniversary Park. Hollywood, FL has a tremendous amount of history, and this park is located in the historic area of downtown. The park is known for its beautiful oak trees and gorgeous magnolias, so be sure to bring a camera. If you need to cool off, then relax for a few minutes underneath one of these trees.

In addition, the park is a great place for families. There is a small playground with plenty of shade. You may also want to play someone in chess at one of the numerous tables. When you get hungry, you might want to check out a few of the restaurants that are across the street from the park. Even though the spark may not have the same amenities as some of the other options, it is a great opportunity to relax. Furthermore, you can bring the kids here as well!

12. The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL

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If you want to get inside, then be sure to check out the Art and Culture Center. This is a great opportunity for you to check out art exhibitions, stage performances, and learn about something special. There are plenty of educational facilities available, and you can check out some local artists looking to launch their careers. Keep in mind that the exhibits will rotate on a regular basis. Therefore, you may want to visit the website to see what the culture center offers. You can see some displays of some of the top artists in the area. You may even get a slightly different look at what Hollywood, FL looks like. People not only paint the town but also plants, animals, and people they see during the day. You might even want to sign up for a class to enhance your skills!

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These are just a few of the most popular destinations you should check out during your next visit to Hollywood Florida. Because the city has a lot to offer, you can customize your trip to meet your needs. Maybe you are interested in renting a boat, kayak, or jet ski. Maybe you want to relax on the beach with your children. Perhaps you are looking to check out one of the parks in the local area. Other locations you might want to check out include Dania Beach, the Coastal Mangrove Wetland, and Hollywood Hot Glass! You might want to take a day trip to one of the beautiful beaches on the outskirts! Be sure to take a few boat tours, explore the eateries, and check out a few boutiques in town!