More important than our words are our owners words.

People have this belief that renting a property on Airbnb is passive income.   Nothing is further from the truth.  It requires enormous amounts of time and patience.  Years of experience lead us to be able to conform a team that can handle the needs of our clients. Both guests and owners. 

What do we do different?

  1. Full Transparency: Owners get access to 24×7 exclusive reservations system.  Connected online to all the platforms.
  2. Invesment protected: Most managers neglect the properties and do not take care of it.  We change AC filters, fix small things guest reports and have the property top notch all the time.  Despite that we do not mark up maintenance or repair bills.
  3. No Hidden Fees:  Some managers advertise low percentage commissions however at the end they end up overcharging the guests junk fees they do not report back to the owners and collect for themselves.
  4. Peace of Mind: All our bookings are protected with our Safely protection program.  Both guests and owners are protected up to $3,000.
Below are some owner testimonials, if interest in learning more about our services complete the form below: