Cielo Stay – Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

Cielo Stay’s Real Estate Agent Referral Program (the “Program” ) allow applicable participants to earn referrals by referring new vacation rental property owners to Cielo Stays. A participant will earn a referral payment when a referred owner signs a Vacation Rental Management agreement and the property is available to receive bookings on the site. Your participation in the program is subject to these terms and conditions. Your submission of a referral through the Owner Referral Form (the “Form”) constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.

How to earn your referral

A Real Estate Agent with an active license may participate in the Program by sending the name and contact information (email address, telephone number, and/or mailing address) of a prospective owner( Referee) through the Owner Referral Form. 

If the Referee signs a Vacation Rental Management agreement to manage Referee’s vacation rental property (the “Referred Property”) within six months after the Real Estate Agent submits the Referee’s name and contact information to Cielo Stays, and all terms and conditions of the Program are fulfilled, Cielo Stays will pay a referral amount of the following to the referring Real Estate Agent 30 days after the Referred Property is available to receive bookings through the website.

Referral Amounts

Bedrooms Amount
Studios to 1 Bedroom $500
2 Bedrooms $1,000
3 to 4 Bedrooms $1,500
5 bedrooms or more $2,000

Only Referred Properties in the United States and in the areas where Cielo Stays operates are eligible for the Program.

Eligibility: The Program is available to real estate licensees in good standing who hold an active real estate license in a jurisdiction in the United States (a “Real Estate Agent”).

Definition of “Referee” for the Program. A “Referee” is a referred person who (1) owns a property that is used as, or would be appropriate for use as, a vacation rental, and (2) is not at the time of the submission already under contract with Cielo Stays (or with a predecessor in interest of, or assignor of a contract to, Cielo Stays) for vacation rental services and is not already engaged in discussions with Cielo Stays about a vacation rental management, provided however that a Referee may be the buyer of a property that is under Cielo Stays management if the Real Estate Agent represented the buyer in the real estate purchase transaction.

Referral Payment Geographical Limitations. Except as otherwise permitted by law, a referral payment is not payable to a Real Estate Agent or Broker for the referral of a property in a jurisdiction in which the Real Estate Agent is not licensed.

Disclosure. Real Estate Agent shall not submit a referral through the Form unless Referee has knowledge of the referral to the extent required by applicable law.

Referral Compensation Paid to Brokerage or Firm. Any referral compensation will be paid to the Real Estate Agent’s broker or firm.

Additional Terms and Conditions
Identity Disclosure: Cielo Stays may disclose to the Referee the identity of the Real Estate Agent who submitted the referral to Cielo Stays.

Multiple Owners, Multiple Properties, and Multiple Referrals. If a Referred Property has more than one owner, only one owner will be treated as a Referee for purposes of the Program. After an initial referral of the Referee, you may earn additional referral compensation for each additional separate property owned by the Referee if the Referee signs a contract with Cielo Stays to manage that property. These additional referrals can happen all at once or over time. If more than one person refers the same Referee (or co-owner of a Referred Property with a Referee) to Cielo Stays, The person who Cielo Stays determines in good faith was the first to submit the Owner Form to Cielo Stays

Documentation Required for Payment. In order to receive a referral payment , you must complete a W-9 and Payment Authorization Form. If you wish to receive a check versus a direct deposit of funds, a mailing address should be included in the W9. If you would like to receive payment via direct deposit, a copy of a voided check or a bank letter confirming the routing and account number is required.

Tax Consequences. The Real Estate Agent is responsible for the tax consequences, if any, that arise out of receipt of referral compensation.

Severability. If any provision of the terms and conditions for the Programs is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining portions shall not be affected.

Good Faith. Cielo Stays may withhold or refuse to pay a referral if it believes that a Real Estate Agent is acting in bad faith or contrary to the intent of the Program, for example, by submitting names of owners to which the referring person has no relationship.

Changes to, and Termination or Suspension of, Program. Cielo Stays may make changes to these terms and conditions, or suspend or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice, provided however that to the extent permitted by law, Cielo Stays will honor any referral that has fully qualified for a referral payment as of the date the change, suspension, or termination takes effect. If Cielo Stays modifies these terms, the changes will be posted on the Landing Page and will be effective upon posting. Continued participation in the Programs following any modification will constitute consent to such modification.

Employees; Self-Referrals. Cielo Stays employees are not eligible to participate in the Program. A Real Estate Agent is not eligible for a Referral Bonus for referring herself or himself to Cielo Stays.

Date Created – 3/14/2022